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Copic Boot Camp

The prices of Copic markers are an investment, so when choosing the colors for this class I have chosen a range that will be widely used to start your collection.

If you have trouble acquiring the collection of colors, please contact me.

If you are just starting your collection:

1.     Purchase Sketch or Ciao Copic Markers (Sketch are my favorite)
2.     At the end of this document I have some recommendations on where to order.

If you have already begun your collection:

1.     Check to see if you own the recommended colors
2.     If you would like assistance on choosing additional colors to add to your current collection please contact me.
3.     ALWAYS bring your whole collection of Copic Markers to Boot Camp (or you might be sorry) 
4.     Label your markers using tape or labels.  Recommend placing over the UPC code (there is a reason for this J)

If you already have the whole collection:

1.     Check to see that the suggested markers are refilled.  If you don’t have the refill, do not panic.  Mark down the ones that need refilled to hand off to the store upon arrival for refilling.
*    ****We do have a refill station at the retreat at reasonable price to refill your markers.

2.     Label your markers using Washi tape, nail polish or labels over the UPC code

 There will also be a store set up with rubber stamps and some supplies. 

Copic Color List

Blender (0) Black (100)

Cool Gray
C1 C3 C5 C7 C9
option C0 C2 C4 C6 C8 C10
Warm Gray
W1 W3 W5 W7 W9
option W0 W2 W4 W6 W8
Earth Tones
E04 E08 E13 E21 E23 E31 E33 E35 E50 E51 E53 E55 E57 E79

Light Blue
B000 B00 B02 B05

B91 B95 B97
option B34 B37 B39
BG0000 BG10 BG15 BG32 BG49

Light Purple
BV20 BV23 BV25 BV29

V12 V15 V17
BV02 BV04
RV34 RV17 RV19
R81 R83 R85
R11 R24 R29 R89
option R11 R14 R46 R59
Y11 Y15 Y21 Y26 Y38

YR04 YR07 YR09

YG93 YG95 G99

YG03 YG17 YG67

Bright Green
Only if you want
G05 G09 G28

If you don’t own are unable to purchase all of the suggested colors, please contact me and maybe we can find some substitute combinations with what you have.

Other Items:

1.     20cc Bottle of Copic Colorless Blending Solution or smaller bottle if you have. (available to purchase at retreat) Note: If traveling by plane – place solution and liquids in your checked luggage.
2.     8 1/2 x 11 3 ring binder with 50 page protectors   Note: Ensure the holes are on the outside of the clear sleeve as you will need to slip your pages in and out once inserted in the binder.
OR minimum 50-page Art Folio -  A suggested product using my affiliate link
3.     Pencil and eraser
      White colored pencil
4.     White gel pen (some available in Boot Camp store)
      Black .3 Multiliner (or purchase from Boot Camp store)
5.     New water brush (I will have some rubbing alcohol to fill it at Boot Camp) – a suggested item using my affiliate Amazon link
      Other optional items but recommended...
  • Medium stamp block (Misti or other brand)  Some will be available at event to borrow at request.
  • Wet wipes for cleaning stamps
  • Alcohol prep pads or wipes for your messes

Where to buy Copic Markers

I encourage you to support your local retail stores

If ordering online I highly recommend:
Other places you can order from are Joann’s,,
Some online stores display a public price and a member price so always sign up first before ordering.

Note: I personally am not sponsored by any of these stores and I can’t be held responsible for fill rates or customer service, but my past experience has always been good with and I highly recommend them.

If you are attending Boot Camp with a friend, check to see they have also received this information and whether they may need any assistance.

If you have ANY questions do not hesitate to ask via email .   No question is a dumb question!

I am excited to meet you at Boot Camp!  

Jennifer Dove

Imagination International Inc. (Copic) Regional Instructor for Art and Design Team - past
*NEW Imagination International Inc. (Copic) 2018 West Coast Certification Instructor - past
Current Copic certified designer - Intermediate
Author of the workbook - Copic Boot Camp
Published Designer - Copic Color Guides 2, 3 and 4
Stamp Designer for Whimsy Stamps
Annie’s Publication, online Instructional Videos Create with Copics:  Beginners Guide and Coloring Fun with alcohol markers: People

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